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Take the first step towards homeownership and financial empowerment. RNHS is pleased to offer our certified E-learning Pre-Purchase Education Program for families looking to own a home. The online Home Buyer Education and counseling is offered in English as well in Spanish. The fee is $99.00/ Per Registration on eHomeAmerica Online Homebuyer Education. The cost includes your credit report fee.

Please fill out the application, sign it and mail it to our main office. Once your application is processed, we will schedule your initial one-on-one counseling session with a HUD certified personal counselor.

To enroll in the E-learning Pre-Purchase Education Program:

Click HERE to start your online class.

Once you have completed the online course, and finished with the one-on-one counseling session you will receive the certification of completion.

If you are already in escrow and you want to speed up the process, please submit your completed application as soon as possible to receive your certificate. If we are missing information this will delay your certificate and most importantly, a personal counselor to guide you every step of the way.

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