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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing Peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter, salt and pepper, coffee and cream, socks and shoes, are all things that are synonymous and better with each other but what if I told you affordable and housing belonged in this category?  If you scoffed at this you are most likely not alone. Typically, affordable and housing are two words you would never think to put together but affordable housing works, everyone deserves a place to live. The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) defines an “affordable dwelling” as one that a household can obtain for 30 percent or less of its income. But this varies from city to city.

According to American Progress, although housing insecurity affected communities of color long before COVID-19, the current pandemic continues to exacerbate inequalities. As early as April 2020, 32 percent of Black adults and 41 percent of Latinx adults experienced job loss due to the pandemic, compared with only 24 percent of white adults. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, renters continue to have little confidence in being able to pay the next month’s rent. In fact, the recent analysis estimates that the amount of back rent owed may reach as much as $34 billion by year’s end, with more than 20 million renters—8 million households—facing possible eviction soon.

At Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services we have been proud to serve the needs of hundreds of families across East Bay. We have COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act information available to help anyone who is struggling.

Affordable Housing

The cornerstone of our mission is to ensure that East Bay and County residents (specifically Richmond, El Cerrito, San Pablo, and Pinole) have access to affordable housing and rents. We developed, acquired, and/or rehabilitated over 400 single-family homes to either sell or manage as affordable homes to purchase or rent for low-income families.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of misconceptions about affordable housing that simply are not true. Here are some key benefits to affordable housing, according to Forbes

Increased Hiring

Local businesses are necessary to provide this workforce with needed resources, from food to fuel, restaurants to recreation and so much more, spurring even more hiring. Smart developers can leverage these increases in commerce to create opportunities to provide more housing for employees and attract more business to the area. Creating strong local relationships is key here.

Increased Taxes And Other Revenue For Local Governments

It has been reported that building 100 affordable rental homes generates $2.2 million in sales and other taxes, as well as additional local government revenue from tolls, city fees, etc. And as these benefits are accrued to a local municipality, it becomes more likely that cities will support and even help fund more affordable housing.

For those looking for additional financial counseling, Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services offers programs that are designed to support and assist individuals in understanding and mastering the “basic” financial habits of budgeting, managing credit, and homeownership. For additional information on what we offer, reach out to us at, call (510) 237-6459, or visit our programs page. Check out our Facebook page for more information and to stay up to date.




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