Obinna Uwakah

Position: Member

Obinna Uwakah Associate Project Developer, Real Estate Development | Eden Housing Mr. Uwakah joined the Eden Housing Development team in 2022 and is currently managing the development of 300 units of affordable housing across the Bay Area, including a rehabilitation project, a transit-oriented mixed-use development, and a pivotal project leveraging public and private funding sources. Before working at Eden, Obinna earned his Master’s degree in Real Estate Development and design, with a focus on affordable housing, public-private partnerships, and impact investment. Obinna is now earning his MBA at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business with an emphasis on finance and impact investment. Before his career in affordable housing, Obinna spent 7 years as an entrepreneur, building a global distribution business that focused on increasing access to technology by providing consumers with new and upcycled electronics in emerging markets. Having been born and raised in the Fillmore district of San Francisco, Obinna fully appreciates the cost-of-living challenges that families experience in the Bay Area. Obinna strives to contribute to a built environment that is more equitable and economically viable for all.

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