2018 Reflections for Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services… Our Future is BRIGHT!


Community Day Event

As this year comes to a close, we look back on the incredible accomplishments and experiences of the organization in 2018. Through different programs, workshops, and events, the three pillars of Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services were well-represented: homeownership, financial literacy, and affordable housing. Thank you to those that participated in our success. For those getting to know us, we look forward to working with you in 2019!

New Location(s)

Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services moved to a new site in January of 2018. Operating out of a residential home for many years, it became our mission to find commercial space to expand our services and provide additional housing for a family in need. This move has allowed us to share our space for meetings and collaborating with community members, local partners, stakeholders, and residents. More recently, the organization formed Filbert West Oakland LLC which is located at 3003 Filbert Street in Oakland, California. This development will create affordable single-family homes for first-time homebuyers (deemed affordable based on county AMI guidelines). A capital campaign is in progress to ensure the affordability of these homes, and donations are being accepted at this time. For more information about the properties or purchasing, contact us at info@eastbaynhs.org or fill out a contact form.

[Note: 3003 Filbert Street (17,500 square feet of space) is NOW available for community use until Filbert West Oakland LLC begins development in the spring of 2020. If you or a community partner have ideas on how to best utilize this space, contact Nikki Beasley at 510-237-6459 x1605.]

Educational Opportunities

Since 1992, RNHS has been a HUD-approved counseling agency, providing the tools to change the narrative of homeownership. To further fulfill this mission, the “Lender Ready” program was launched in 2017. It has helped over 60 individuals secure keys to new homes and is on track to help many more in 2019. In addition, the Money Matters Series (MMS) was started in 2018. MMS focuses on a different topic each session, designed to assist individuals in accumulating, building, and protecting wealth through homeownership. In total, we hosted 34 educational classes and served over 740 clients this year. Another way we will assist community members on their journey to homeownership is our “Changing the Narrative of Homeownership Event” on May 18th, 2019. Stay tuned for exciting announcements, and read about 2018’s event here.

Community Advocacy

This year, we sat in on multiple panels, interviews, city council meetings, platforms, and listening sessions. By participating, we were able to address the issues that impact local housing in the Bay Area. These included securing affordable housing and the social, economic, and racial inequalities that are present among communities. Each provided us a great opportunity to support and advocate for the families and neighborhoods in the East Bay. We ended 2018 on a great note by hosting a “Community Giving Day” in West Oakland. This event allowed us to meet our new neighbors, share our vision, receive feedback, and provide donations and giveaways to 100 community members.

Social Media

We now have an active social presence on Facebook! Be sure to visit and like our page to keep up on news, events, and community development. In 2019, we will be creating a group within our Facebook page that is dedicated to homeownership and wealth dialogue. This will provide the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from RNHS and the local community. Our goal is to keep create a support system for our followers and provide fresh content related to the housing industry. Stay engaged and use this as a main source of knowledge and experiences alongside others in the community. If there is a topic you would like to hear more about, send us a message on our page!

As you prepare for the new year ahead, remember that RNHS is a resource to help you achieve financial goals, address community needs, and advocate for equity and fairness in housing. Start the year strong and mark your calendar for these upcoming events:

On behalf of the Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services team, we wish you a very Happy New Year and look forward to working with you in 2019!

In Service,

Nikki A. Beasley


Richmond Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc. (510) 237-6459 info@eastbaynhs.org